Is a poverty a problem for indonesia?

No poverty
In Indonesia there are still many people that poor and still live in inappropriate house and still beg for their life. This is so relatable to Indonesia because in Indonesia there are still a lot of poor society.
Problem in Indonesia is the number of people that have low income is far outweighs than the number of high income. High income often help them but money can gone. So we need to teach some sort of soft and hard skill
The main problem 1. Lack of education 2. Lack of skill 3. Inappropriate house 4. Lack of nutrition and food
All of this problem can't be solved if we just give them a help
To to solve this, we need : 1. fix their house / move to a better place 2. Teach them soft skill that useful to find a better job 3. Try to build a mini school for parents, kids, and all of the society that lived there 4. Life skill, at least they can defend themselves.

Exposition text

Does youtube make someone be autism ?

Youtube is well known application or web to watch a lot of things. Youtube was created by 3 former paypal employees Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed karim. Youtube was established in February 2005 and Google bought the site in november 2006 for 1,65$ billion. Youtube is a site where the users can upload, watch, comment, view, rate, and share a video to the others. Youtube contain a lot of things, a positive one and also a negative one
In Indonesia, youtube is very famous and a lot of people are using it nowadays. people in indonesia are using youtube to learn, entertain, watch sport, and also listening to music. But also there is a negative stuff in youtube, such as porn, a  disturbing video and even a mutilation video that are bad for young generation. Even if youtube has age restriction mode, but not all of the content are filtered. All of that negative stuff can make young generation get addicted to watch video on youtube and try to imitate  a…

Analyze Invitation Letter

Invitee : his / her friends

Inviter : Mr & Mrs Lee da ming Together with Mr & Mrs Wong da heng

Purpose : The Purpose of this invitation letter is to invite her / his friend to celebrate the marriage of their children

Salutation or Greetings : in this formal invitation, there is no sentences that describe salutation.

Contain : to Invite her / his friend to celebrate the marriage of their children at Saturday, 21 November 2017

Date, Time & place :
Date : Saturday 21 November 2017
Time : 7 Pm
Place : Four Season Resort, Langkawi ; Jalan Tanjung Rhu, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah

Signature : There is no sentences that describe signature

Final Salutation : There is no sentences that describe Final Salutation

Kind OF Invitation : Formal Invitation

Example of formal invitation letter

BOGOR GOVERNMENT BOGOR AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY Jalan raya Dramaga, Kampus IPB dramaga bogor, babakan, Bogor, Jawa barat 16680 Phone (+62 251 862 2642 Ext. 100) _________________________________________________________
August 28th, 2018 Mrs Diana Executive of TRILOGY SMA NEGERI 3 BANDUNG
Subject : An invitation for PSN ( Pesta Sains Nasional )
Dear Mrs Diana We're here to invite your club to join PSN ( Pesta Science Nasional ) competition. The competition will be held on 24th - 25th November 2018 at IPB ( Bogor Agricultural University ). There will be a lot of competition like mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, meteorology, statistics, scientific creation and Computer.
Your arrival, will be a great honor for us. Please confirm your arrival before 30th October 2018
Please feel free to ask further information or you can visit the web to find more information
You can also visit our social media Instagram : @pestasainsipb Twitter : @pestasainsipb

Discussion Resume

Group 3 Theme : TH should ban porn
1. Opening government

1st speaker.  : if we watch porn often, it will decrease our intellectual and the addiction of porn is stronger than drugs.
2nd Speaker : Sex education is a human instinct and we need to learn in the right way
2. Opening Opposition

1st speaker   : Porn is good for sex education, Porn has some positive effect for our body, and it's people right to watch it
2nd Speaker : watching Porn can be a stress relief and it will become self pleasure for us rather than us doing sexual harassment
3.  Closing Goverment

1st speaker   : Watching Porn Will be an addict, and for some other people watching porn will lead to sexual harrasment
2nd Speaker : You can still find a better job rather than/be a Porn star

4.  Closing Opposition

1st speaker : The industry of multimillionaire companies will have a problem on the economic side
2nd Speaker : we still can't find the conclusion, banning Porn will be ineffective ways to stop the addiction…

Offering and Sugestion text

Offering and suggestion text about carrier
D for dzar and G for Gare
D : Hey Gare! G : Heya, Arif how are you? D : Great. What are you doing ? G : Not much, i was thinking about my future. i wanna suggestion from you. What should i do? D : You should take something that you like, because if  you wanna good at something, you must love it G : you're right, but what if i took a job that earn a lot of money D : You know, you must consider that again, because money isn't everything in your job. G : What do you mean? D : You know there are some ordinary guy who sat in front of computer for like 10 hours straight  G : You know, That's kinda decent job, there is nothing wrong about that D : YA. Whatever G : ... D : But, i think for a person like you, that is kinda boring job. G : So, what should i do ? D : What if you work in still a formal job, but more interactive like a teacher G : Oh, how about be a lecturer? D : Yap, i know your brain can handle it G : Alright, thanks. see ya…

Analysis offering and sugestion

The Analysis of Offering and Suggestion from Farhan GroupF for Farhan and R for Ridwan
R : It's been a while, I think about my major subject that i will take in my campus. F : Really?!, What subject do you take? R : Umm, i will probably take electrical engineering departmen F : Why did you choose that? R : Because i like robotics, and i want to learn programming F : I think you should take the architecture departemen, because you like to draw and you have good drawing skills. R : Yes, it's a good idea, but i will think about it later. How about you ? F : I will probably take science and mathematics. R : Why? did you choose that it's a hard major subject i think F : Because i want to follow my father path. R : I think you have to follow passion, you don't have to follow your father or else. you have to follow your passion and just to be yourself, but it's all up to you. F : Ok i will think about it later. F & R : see ya.
The bold text are the offering and suggestion