In the corridor

*bumping each other* 
Gare      : "Ahhhhhh" ( bring a lot of books)
Fadhlan : "O-Oh, I'm sorry. May I help you?"
Gare      : "Sure, thanks"
*picking up the book*
Fadhlan : "Hey, I never met you before. What's your name?"
Gare      : "My name is Muhammad Garebaldhie Er Rahman. Just call me Gare"
Fadhlan : "Nice to meet you Gare, my name is Muhammad Fadhlan Solihan. just call me Fadhlan"
Gare      : "Nice to meet you too, Fadhlan"
Fadhlan : "What's your class?"
Gare      : "My class is in X Science 4, what about you?"
Fadhlan : "I'm from X Science 6"
Gare      : "Why you such in a rush?"
Fadhlan : "I need to buy some food because I'm hungry"
Gare      : "I'll accompany you"
Fadhlan : "Sure, Thanks, dude"
*Walking to the cafeteria*
Gare      : "What do you want to buy actually?"
Fadhlan : "I just wanna buy some French Fries. Do you want some?"
Gare      : "Of course"
*while eating the french fries*
Fadhlan : "Why you bring a lot of books actually?"
Gare      : "I need to return these books to the library."
Fadhlan : "Ok, I will accompany you."
Gare      : "Thanks, friend."
*In the library*
Fadhlan : "Do you like reading a book?"
Gare      : "Yes. I do"
Fadhlan : "What kind of books do you like to read"
Gare      : "I like Science Fiction kind of book like Interstellar"
Fadhlan : "oh, I see. My favorite books are comics like Gintama"
Gare      : "wow, I like Gintama too? so we are pal now?
Fadhlan : "Best Pal."


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