What will you do on the next holiday?

Dinand :"Good evening, Gare."
Gare     :"Good evening, Dinand. How was your day?"
Dinand :"I have a bad day."
Gare     :"Why?"
Dinand :"I don't wanna talk about it. Can we change the topic?"
Gare     :"Okay, then. What are you going to do on the next holiday?"
Dinand :"I wanna go to the Mars on 23 August"
Gare     :"Are you serious though?"
Dinand :"Nah, JK. Actually i wanna hibernate like a bear"
Gare     :"That's such a good plan."
Dinand :"Thanks?"
Gare     :"Actually, i have a lot of work to do."
Dinand :"Such a hard worker"
Gare     :"Thanks, ... sorry i have to go. Good luck with your plan"
Dinand :"Good luck with your work"


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