Very Very (un) + interesting Story


    It was a very very sad moment that I've experienced. September 2010. I and my friend are going to join the scout extracurricular. In that moment, I was 10 years old and attend at SDN 2 Kramatwatu Serang. at 10 am, my friend go to my house to invite me to join the scout extracurricular. At the first time, i was very lazy to join that extracurricular, but my friends keep compel me to join, because if i don't join the extracurricular, the extracurricular will fell empty. at the very last, i agreed to them to join that extracurricular.
    So i grab my bicycle and start to go to school. but in the mean time ( in the middle of the road) i was very thirsty. So i want to go to the market across the road. I'm very dehydrated in that time, so without thinking i just across the road without looking in the right or left. And then 1 second past, and the motorcycle just crashed me to the air. That was very hurt, I see my my body is bleeding and bloody in half conscious. and then the driver of the motorcycle brought me to the hospital. in that time, i'm very thankful to god and to that person because i'm still not dead yet. So the hospital called my mother and my mother was very panicked and rushed to the hospital. At that time i didn't realize that my bicycle is broken in pieces. i was very sad but very happy. I'm sad because my bicycle is broken in pieces and i'm happy because i can't go to school because i'm sick.
    My mother was very thankful and say thanks to the driver of that motorcycle. after all of that event is still not sure this is a dream or a real situation. I never ever meet that driver again, i haven't had a time to say thank you to that person. after 1 till 2 weeks, my condition is getting better and better. then none of my friend visited my house becuase i'm sick. it was very sad, but yeah that is my experience of getting some trouble. 

I'm sorry if i'm not using the right grammar or tenses
Hope y'all like the stories THIS IS A REAL STORY FYI

('3') see you again.... Hope all of you is healthy as much as possible.


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