Inori Fest 2017

Hello Everbody, I want to tell you about my last activity in high school. Actually it's not the last activity but whatever.

 12 August - 13 august 2017

Day 1
On 12 august i went to the Inosan festival which is located in Sman 3 Bandung. On that day there is just a contest and some bazaar. For the first time in forever, i joined a Japanese event. i was so happy because there are a lot of Japanese thing that i like. Such as Okonmiyaki, Takoyaki, ice cream, and others. When i arrived at sman 3 bandung, i was wondering because the place is so quiet. because of that i wandered to all of the place to find a friend. Unfortunately i cant find anything except  participants of the contest and my old friend from junior high school. After we meet, we gather and talk about something fun and interesting. then we started to watch singing competition which is held in new hall. i was so hype about that contest, because one of the participant is sang one of my favorite song which is Orange. Orange is a Japanese song that sang by 7!!. The participant sang the song with similar accent to the song and i felt like the 7!! sang a song in front of me. Time goes by, and i went back to home and take a rest because i was so hyped about tomorrow event.

Day 2
On 13 august i went to the Inori festival which is have the same location as the inosan festival. i arrived at sman 3 bandung at 8.40 o'clock in the morning, but the gate is still closed and i must waited 1 hour and 20 minutes to enter the festival. Finally time goes by, and i can enter the location. When i enter the front gate, i was so happy to see a wonderful scene, like a lot of Japanese food, merchandise, Coslpayer, and a lot of things that i like. first i go to the opening ceremony which is held in the yard of the school. then i wandered around the sman 3 bandung and finally bought a merchandise and i meet my high school friend like Marcho, Fadhlan, Dinand, Dhinda, Fawaz, Raka, and so on. So we decided to group up and started to bought merchandise. I spent 500.000 Rupiah to bought some merchandise such as poster, a animal hat, mask, key chain and others. i know 500.000 is a big number but i will spent some money to get things that i like. After bought some merchandise, i bought some food because i'm very hungry and starving. so after i eat a lot of food, finally i find beautiful cosplayer then i take a picture with her. I was so happy becuase the event is so fun, wonderful, and unforgettable. I hoped, i can join this event too next year.

That's all from my experience
Thanks all of you. Good Bye and take care.


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