Farmhouse Susu Lembang

"Farmhouse Susu Lembang" is one of tourist destination in Bandung city, West Java. This place is located at Jalan raya Lembang No. 108, Gudangkahuripan Lembang, West Java. This place has some European farm and garden theme-ish, so the environment is kinda same. This place is so strategic, so its kinda reachable area. I personally think this place is very good if you want to take a picture or  wanna enjoy some fresh air in the garden.

There are some several area which is very special. Some are Hobbit house, Mini zoo, Area that has rent costume, garden, and Love lock or just call it "Gembok Cinta." and some several nice food which is located in Backyard Kitchen

Hobbit house is kinda same like the hobbit house in the movie. This place is so Instagramable becuase a lot of tourist / people take a picture in this area.

Mini zoo is kinda zoo but smaller, this place is so unique because in this place we can see a lot of animal like rabbit, pig, chicken and etc. but in this place there are some kinda cool rabbit cage

Next is the Love lock  "Gembok Cinta" some people believe if you go to this area with your couple, your relationship will be very good

Me and My friend Fadhlan Sholihan make video about this place so check it out!!!


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