Kokoleceran (Vatica bantamensis)

Entymology and taxonomy

Kingdom  : Plantae
Ordo         : Malvales
Famili       : Dipterocarpaceae
Genus       : Vatica
Species     : Vatica bantamensis

Kokoloceran is the Banten province mascot, which is one of the Banten endemic plant that only live in "Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon"

This plant can grow up until 30m and has a lot soft hair. The petiole is very long and can grow up until 2.2cm and also the flower of this plant can grow up until 7cm. Kokoleceran is kinda circle-ish and have seed on it, the diameter of the seeds it 1cm

This plant multiply using their seeds. kokoloceran which is the Banten Province mascot is still mysterious and unknown. This plant is also endangered because there is only some people who know this plant. 


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