Megalodon Sharks

Megalodon Sharks

      Megalodon (Carhalocles megalodon), meaning big tooth. Megalodon is extinct species of shark that approximately 23 to 2.6 million years ago. some scientist believe that megalodon sharks still existed but some scientist don’t. 

Megalodon sharks physical appearance is same as great white sharks. But the different is Megalodon sharks have blunter and wider jaw than great white sharks. The fin is thicker than great white sharks. At a length of up to 60 ft. long the Megalodon has been recorded as the largest known shark to have ever existed. The eye is pig-eyed appearanceTheir teeth is kinda bigger than our hand so if the sharks eat us, it will be one hit K.O

Life Cycle

Megalodon sharks is ovovivipar means that the sharks can lay an egg or it can lay the egg but they incubate it in their stomach. Megalodon finds nice warm sea to lay their egg. Their baby were believed to be 2 – 4 meters in length. The best condition is in low and shallow water. When their babies matured, they would move to open ocean to find their prey.


Kingdom    : Animalia
Phylum       : Chordata
Class           : Chondrichthyes
Order          : Lamniformes
Family         : Otodontidae
Genus        : Carcharocles
Species      : Carcharocles megalodon


1. What is the name of megalodon sharks species ?
A. Carcharocles
B. Lamniformes
C. Chondrichtyes
D. Charocles megalodon
E. Chordata

2. How long is megalodon sharks baby
A. 1-2 meters
B. 2-3 meters
C. 1-4 meters
D. 2-4 meters
E. 3-4 meters

3. What is the meaning of Megalodon ?
A. Big Jaws
B. Big mouth
C. Small jaws
D. Small tooth
E. Big tooth

4. How long can megalodon sharks grow up?
A. 100 feet
B. 60 feet
C. 45 feet
D. 59 feet
E. 63 feet

5. Pick the right fact about megalodon sharks from the text.
A. Megalodon have bigger fins than Great White sharks
B. Megalodon have small jaws
C. Megalodon have pig eye appearence
D. Megalodon is included to Animalia Kingdom
E. A,C and D is correct


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