My Last Holiday

My kind of Holiday
After the school  share the reports of my learning activities, I was so happy because my reports is quite good. But there are some people that had a higher score than me. After that all of the student from school is taking holidays for two weeks. But I knew that me and my family won’t go holiday. So I register to math camp at Pribadi boarding school. The camp is consisting for 8 days from 23th December to 30th December 2017. But my holiday started at 16th December 2017. I was confused, what will I do 7 days ahead.
Finally I decided to stay at home doing nothing just sleep, eat and, play some game. At the first day it went alright, second day is little bit boring. The third day is very boring. But the fouth day until the seventh day is boring as the third day. I was very frustrated because my life is very boring. After waiting for a lot of time. Finally the day that I was waiting for is come to me.  I was very excited because I like math more than another subject, But I was wrong. All of participants is very smart and genius. I was very angry and frustrated  about myself. Why was I even Joined this camp? But I must do it because the school is already paid for me. But at the second day, Finally my friend is come to that camp. I was so happy and forget about all of the anger because on the first day, The teacher started a pre test and I just got 2 correct from 10 problem but the other participant got like 8 correct. I was very sad.

My friend who joined the camp is about 9 people, Resti, Dhafin, Aira, I Gede, Senior  Syihabudin yahya, Senior Afna, and senior Viena. Why I was so happy? That because in my opinion Dhafin and resti have the same skill as me so I wouldn’t worry about little score that I got. After the pre test, The teacher teach us about various problem. In first day The teacher was Sir Aqfil who teach us Geometry Problem.  In second day the teacher who teach us was Sir Sugiri Who teach us Combinatorics problem. In third day there are Sir Al Azhary Masta who teach us Algebra problem which is very hard as hell. In that third day I just got 2 correct from 15 problem which is kinda shame for me. The fourth day teacher was Sir Nabil who teach Number theory which is also very hard. But I learned some new things from that came like You can be smart if you try harder than anyone else. Because all of participant is very hard worked person. The Example is Ubaidilah Ariq. He is one of my new friend from that camp who come from SMAN 8 Jakarta.  I Asked him how to solve some hard problems. He just said just exercise, exercise, and exercise. From what he said I understand something that if we want to be smart on anything. We must had a lot of exercise. If you search in Google “Ubaidilah Ariq”, You most likely will found Mathematic Competition Champion. Because He Started the Math competition  from Elementary school he won the gold medal of math competition from 4th grade. I was amazed by him. Will I become great as him or no? I was questioning myself about that. But I decided to continue until I became good at that. At the Last day which is Eight day the teacher gave us mathematic competition Simulation which is hard as hell. I was just got 3 correct from 20 problems. That day I really understand my level at math. I was like very stupid in front of other participants and I shame.  My holiday was very fun and interesting. How about you?


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